Welcome to Celebrity Fashion!

Like the title suggests, this blog is all about celebrities and fashion – so get ready to dive into the world of outrageous personalities and mouth-watering clothes.

Find out which celebrities make the style grade, and which ones are fashion disasters; every week I’ll bring you the best and worst dressed celebs. Want to know how to get a look like Sienna’s, Lindsay’s or Paris? Then check out my celebrity style file, looks for less, and trend posts to get the 411 on your favorite stars – and I’ll be bringing you tips and tricks to get their camera ready looks!

With the aid of fashion industry insiders, this blog will help you look like a star from head to toe, keep you from becoming a fashion victim, and most importantly, it will bring you the celebrities and fashion you love!

Just a little background:

As a fashion and beauty writer and until recently,  fashion editor, I have had the opportunity to rub elbows with the stars, attend the most fabulous events, and meet the most amazing people who are as dedicated as I am to all things fashion.  I plan to use my insider knowledge and background to make the fashion world a little more easy to reach, and to give you the tools you need for great looking style.