Get Lindsay Lohan’s Red Carpet Look

Getting Lindsay’s hot red carpet look isn’t as hard as it seems.  In a recent interview with celebrity makeup artist, Sheri Stroh, I was able to get the step by step instructions – and product recs – that anyone can use to get Lindsay’s look and the looks of several other famous beauties !

 Stroh has made up the faces of stars like Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and has an extensive editorial portfolio. She will be Celebrity Fashion’s resident makeup expert; so keep checking back for all the  tips and tricks to revamp your look!

First up is Lindsay Lohan’s glam red carpet look:


Whether you love her or love to hate her, Lindsay Lohan always manages to make a statement. Her incredible features are usually highlighted beautifully with gorgeous looking makeup; her looks are never understated. Love to experiment with dramatic makeup? Then follow these steps and try out one of Lindsay’s glamorous looks.

 Step One

Begin with either a foundation, tinted moisturizer, or concealer, depending on your coverage needs; only apply the product where you need it, you want to even out your skin tone but you still want your skin to show through. Stroh says that for this look, DO NOT use powder – it ages the face and dulls your skin. If you absolutely must use powder, she recommends looking for a powder that is light with reflective properties and to use it sparingly. If you are using powder, set your makeup with a spritz of thermal water like Avene or Evian – this will take away any chalky powder residue.

Step Two

For sweet looking cheeks, a bright pink blush is a must! Apply to the apples of your cheeks. Tip: use a large fluffy brush and smile as you sweep the color onto the roundest part of your cheeks. For depth, take a bronzer and shade it into the hollows of your cheeks and along the top of your nose, forehead and chin; just make sure to keep everything light – you don’t want to look like an ’80s contoured mess!

Step Three

Stroh points out that even though everyone complains that a smoky eye is really difficult, it’s actually relatively simple. You don’t have to be precise, just make sure you blend, blend, blend! Start with an eye shadow base like concealer or a product designed to make your makeup last. Then, Take an eye shadow brush and blend a smoky shade from the upper lash line into the crease. Blend with a clean brush, cotton swab, or your finger. Apply some of the same dark shade underneath the eye, along the lower lash line and blend. To draw more attention to your eyes, apply a white, nude, or pearl colored shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. And lastly, curl lashes and apply two coats of black mascara and voila! Seductively smoky eyes!

Step Four

Keep lips sheer and glossy by skipping lip liner and just use a sheer pink gloss straight from the tube.

Products to try:

1. Prescriptives Skin Responsive Tint, $32; available at

2. Cargo Blush in Catalina, $24; available at

3. Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Ransom, $17; available at

4. Cargo Bronzer in Light, $24; available at

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion, $15; available at

6. M.A.C lipglass in Underage, $14; available at