Rachel McAdams Makeup 101

Get Rachel McAdams’ pretty makeup look in three easy steps courtesy of celebrity makeup artist, Sheri Stroh. Read on and see just how easy it is to get a red carpet look in no time at all!

Sweet and sexy, this former mean girl likes to change it up. From red to blond, classic to funky, Rachel McAdams can pull it off. Just follow these tips and tricks and try out her fun and funky makeup look:


Step One

Apply concealer first; underneath the eye, on the lids, and around the nose. Blend. Now apply a tinted moisturizer or foundation, but only where you really need it to even out your skin tone. Foundation can be applied with your finger, a sponge, or a brush. For sheer coverage, dampen a sponge applicator and then apply the product. Use a light dusting of translucent powder only where you need it.

Step Two

Line upper and lower lashes with a bright eyeliner or eye shadow and blend up gently towards the crease. Here, McAdams used a metallic purple shade, but Stroh points out that you can use a myriad of different shades to get a similar look. Blue eyes pop with bright copper, peach or gold shades, and brown eyes look smoldering in purple, green, and blue. Have fun with this look; try turquoise, teal, navy, and pink.

How to apply eyeliner:

For a beginner, pencil is easier to control than liquid. Even easier – a small angle brush dipped in powder eye shadow. To apply, rest your elbows on the table to keep hands steady. When using pencil, make a series of dots, one next to the other, as close to the upper lash line as you can get. To soften the line, smudge with your finger or a cotton swab.

Step Three

To avoid looking like a clown, stroh recommends keeping the rest of the face pretty natural. A light pink blush, and a neutral colored lipstick, gloss, or balm is all you need.

Products to try:

1. A pretty shade of pink lip gloss compliments a colorful purple liner without looking over the top so try Benefit Her Glossiness V.I.P lip gloss in Who are You Wearing, $16; available at sephora.com.

2. Get a long lasting, natural flush with a cream to powder blush, try Pop Beauty Pop-Up Glow in Watermelon, $19; available at sephora.com.

3. For long, lush lashes, look for a mascara that has a multi-purpose brush.  Urban Decay’s Skyscraper Mascara has a flat side for thickening and a fuzzy side for length and is $16.50 at sephora.com.

4. Keep shine to a minimum with an oil absorbing powder, check out MAC Blot Powder, $20; available at maccosmetics.com.

5. Go fun and flirty with a bright purple shade like MAC eye shadow in Stars N’ Rockets, $14; available at maccosmetics.com.