Cate Blanchette In Harper’s Bazaar

Cate Blanchette is one of those stars whose presence just takes your breath away. She is classy, never overdone, and always fashionable. She can pull off high end couture with elegance and grace. She is always a lady. Cate graces the cover of this month’s Bazaar and she looks better than ever!

I love these looks on Cate, she looks a lot more sexy and just a little earthy and a lot different than her usual stately perfection. On the cover, the touseled hair makes her look more approachable and sensual, no longer is she the untouchable ice queen. It’s a different interpretation of the actress, and I really like it!


What I love most about this shoot, is that she looks strong and regal, she owns her look. She must be channeling the spirit of Queen Elizabeth who she is portraying for the second time in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.