Hilary Duff’s Sexy On Stage Style

Hilary Duff has definitely made a change from her early sweet girl image to sexy stage siren for her latest performance. The young singer and actress has evolved her look to reflect her new “mature” style, but is the look too sexy?


Remember when Britney Spears had that sweet, squeeky clean image; when she claimed she wanted to show off her new “grown up” persona, she went all out sexy (Slave 4 U video, hello!). So, it would seem that grown up style includes butt baring styles, low cut tops, and skin tight outfits.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ms Duff believes in the same mantra – mature=over the top sexy. This skin tight, super short dress is totally attention getting – but I don’t necessarily think its the right attention.

Hilary wowed the crowd in this little number singing her single, With Love at the Latin American MTV Video Awards in Mexico City.

So what do you think? Too sexy? Or just sexy enough?