Hit Or Miss: Jennifer Connelly’s Balenciaga Dress

It takes an army of stylists and wardrobe consultants to keep stars off the worst dressed lists, but sometimes, an actress just wants to wear what she likes – to hell with the consequences!

Jennifer Connelly said that she wore this Balenciaga dress at the L.A premiere of her new movie, Reservation Road, because she “really liked it. He’s my favorite designer. I think he’s fabulous.”


The designer/celebrity dynamic is crucial for a line’s success – what better word of mouth than a celebrity endorsement- but there comes a time when common sense should prevail.

This outfit is simply too much, the busy pattern, the crazy shoes, all work against Jennifer’s elegant and poised persona. It just doesn’t work. It’s too fashion forward and quirky for her. It’s almost cartoonish and the hair and makeup just don’t follow the idea the outfit is trying to convey. To me it’s a huge miss.

You know who could pull this look off with flair – Carrie Bradshaw! This look is perfect for her eclectic fashion sense.

 So what do you think? Hit or miss?