Britney Spears Gets Her Look Together

After months of trashy fashion disasters Britney seems to have turned over a new leaf. She is staying well within her signature style, but she has refined it and avoided showing too much skin. We all remember her too short tunics that showed too much of her bum, short shorts, and torn fishnets – perhaps she is finally realizing that these looks are just not fashionable or flattering.

Let’s hope that Britney keeps up this more pulled together approach to casual clothes – casual doesn’t have to mean torn up jeans and too tight tees.


I love the print on this tunic dress and even like the boots, just not with this dress; but we can’t expect Britney to evolve into a fashionista overnight. I would have paired the dress with black boots or cute flats. The bag is a little off to me as well – but it is nice, just not with this look. Overall, Britney gets an “A” for effort on this outfit.

So what do you think? Has Britney reformed?