Tyra’s Fashion Flub

I like Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model, Victoria Secret runway shows and her great attitude; but sometimes her wardrobe just doesn’t match up with her fabulous personality. She is getting way to predictable with her form fitting, waist cinching dresses, big hair and over the top makeup – I would love to see her looking a little more natural; but I never thought she would leave the house in a get up like this.

I just don’t even know what to say about this outfit – oh wait, yes I do- it’s ugly, unflattering and kinda perverse.


Those “pants” if you can call those leggings that, are so tight they remind me of David Bowie in Labyrinth – you all know the scene I’m talking about, don’t try to pretend you don’t!

I know she probably just wanted to be comfortable, but when your pants gives you a manly bulge, they are too tight and should be tossed in the garbage. And the shirt, which was probably meant to show off her generous cleavage, actually makes her look more like a pirate, or – I will just say it- the Goblin King!

And I have to say, the Goblin King did it better.

I wonder what the ANTM judging panel would have to say out this.