Would You Wear: Carrie Underwood’s Ruffled Dress

Carrie Underwood has a unique sense of style; and this dress proves that she is willing to take risks with her look. At a recent red carpet event, Carrie stepped out in a little black dress that was anything but boring.

Designers are consistantly trying to update that enduringly stylish piece – the little black dress. Made famous by Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, the little black dress is the easiest thing to throw on for an understated, but still glamorous, look.


This ruffled confection that Carrie wore is just one designer’s attempt to revamp the LBD – I’m just not sure whether it is just too much. The LBD is classic for a reason; they look great on a myriad of body types, work for almost any occasion, and always look chic. Ruffles on the other hand, have their time and place in fashion.

The flamboyant nature of the dress requires very minimal accessories; and I think Carrie’s choice of fishnets simply adds too much extra texture to an outfit that already had enough visual interest. I say, ditch the tights and slick the hair back into an understated bun or ponytail and the dress would be a hit.

Would you wear it?