Katie Holmes’ New Haircut

There has been a lot of controversy this week over Katie’s new ‘do – online gossip columns have gone so far as to compare it to little Suri’s haircut. While I do think that the new cut is pretty heinous, I think it may be a step up from her old haircut that really did match her daughter’s to a tee.

I think that Katie is trying to be edgy and fashion forward with this extreme cut, but really it looks like a really bad wig. It’s too costumy and would look at home upon the head of a fabulous drag queen.

And it’s not just the hair cut that I find a little off- I really don’t like the big sequined gold bolero thing she is wearing atop that chic black dress.


She just looks like she is trying too hard and it’s not working out. Katie’s forays into fashion come off like a little girl playing in her mommy’s closet.