Brittany Murphy is Clueless

Brittany Murphy’s style has come a long way since her Clueless days – she enjoyed a few years of cute and quirky fashions and a string of great movie roles. But now it seems Brittany may be going back to her humble beginnings.

This outfit is looking more like Ty before Cher and Dionne got ahold of her and less hot Hollywood starlet. The crazy print and white accessories just don’t work. And what is up with her lips?

I don’t even like the makeup and hair. I want to find something good to say about every star’s look, because hey, SOMETHING’S gotta work, but I am having a hard time.


I hate the shoes, they are making me laugh – they have a little orthopedic thing going on up on top, and yet they have a stilleto heel. Mostly, they just confuse me.  

 Oh, I just figured out what her dress/tunic/caftan reminds me of – The Golden Girls and the outfits they wore when they all got up in the middle of the night when they couldn’t sleep and they sat around eating cheesecake and reminiscing about the past. You know what I’m talking about, you totally watched!!